This is a mod I'm currently updating to 1.11.2.

Pseudo Code:

  • On Move:
  1. Get the block that the entity is standing on.
    1. Check what kind of block it is.
    2. If the block matches the list of blocks that can be changed, check if the block should be changed
      • if rand 100 < (prob of change), return true.
    3. If the block should be changed, change it to it's corresponding block.


  • Why does the current code look at all the blocks surrounding the one we're interested in?
  • How do I get blocks to update/change?
    • Are there lists I need to add them to?
  • How do I add config options to the in-game gui?
    • Should I add these to a player-accessible GUI?
      • What block turns into what other block.
      • How likely the change is to occur.
      • Do animals and other mobs create paths too.